The Tip of my Toga

My name is Maximus Flavius Maximus. My job: Private Detective. My status: Single. But that don't mean I ain't lookin; you could say that I''v gotta Roman Eye.

So begins the Tip of my Toga, a play inspired by a radio sketch by Wayne & Schuster. A Sam Sapde type private detective is hired to investigate the murder of Julius Caesar. Why is Brutus acting so shifty? What is Caesar's widow doing in a bar? Why does everyone have New York accents? It's a job for Maximus Flavius Maximus

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Mission Impossible

A meeting room, a flip chart, an enthusiastic facilitator, and four employees who are determined to give her a hard time.

This is the background to Mission Impossible, a hilarious look at the corporate nonsense that anyone who has ever attended a team bonding session will know only too well. Ice Breakers and silly games do little to bond this team as the beleaguered facilitator gets tough to ensure that she gets the outcome she desires.

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Call Girls

Call Girls is set in a call centre providing IT assistance to an unspecified company. Three of the women get on well together and ‘have a laugh’ but for the last six months their happy little group has been spoiled by the presence of Laura, an arrogant and aloof troublemaker whose predilection for short skirts and low cut tops probably has more to do with her getting the job than any particular work skills.

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Fresh Showers for the Thirsting Flowers

Alice is a retired English teacher who is living a comfortable if rather lonely existence. A chance encounter with her neighbour’s daughter re-awakens her passion to teach when she discovers that most unusual of things. A pupil who wants to learn! An unlikely friendship develops when an joint appreciation of internal rhymes, whether by Philip Larkin or Eminem, reveals that the pair have more in common than one might imagine. With a respectful nod to ‘Educating Rita’ this is a story of how a generation gap is easily bridged through the discovery of a mutual interest.

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Everyone's a Twinner

A merchant arrives in town with a sorry tale. Years ago he was shipwrecked and survived by clinging to the mast with one of his daughters and a slave.

Written entirely in verse and using rhymes good, bad and appalling, this sparkling adaptation of Shakespeare's A Comedy of Errors reverses the genders of the main characters. With a running time of around twenty minutes is perfect for a young cast of six girls and two boys.

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I Gave You My Heart

I Gave You My Heart is a teenage romantic comedy for two girls. Kate has broken up with her boyfriend telling her younger sister, Jenny, that he is just 'too weird - a freak'. What worries her is message that has appeared on her facebook wall, apparently from him, that states 'I gave you my heart' and how that might relate to a parcel that she has just received from him in the post! This short play is an exploration of squabbling siblings with equal measures of suspense and comedy and a satisfying twist at the end.

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